Sunday, 22 October 2017

Dreadfleet scenery 4

I revisited the Giant as I realised he was not surrounded by water.

While there, I darkened the lower area with Kabalite green and the lowest with Ork Flesh Wash.

I also gave it a light dry brush with white.
The Leech Wyrm and Bone Hydra were fun to paint with plenty of detail if you want to go that far with scenery.

I've experimented with various washes on these two including Guilliman Blue and  Drakenhof Nightshade over the white undercoat.

I think I'll give that ripped sail a bit more shading and highlighting.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Dreadfleet Scenery 3

As you can see, I've been busy.

Why GW give you these two identical pieces, I've no idea.

Perhaps it's buried  in the rules, somewhere but I've tried to make them look a little different anyway.
I even considered cutting one down the middle and green-stuffing a new part for each half but decided to wait till I've got into the game before doing so.

The blue/green look is supposed to go with the supernatural theme of the game though I don't think Thraka Green on Fenrisian Grey is up to the mark
Not really much to say on the rest of these except that I think that the Thraka Green wash with a little Mournfang Brown in it looks OK for bleached and well salted wooden wrecks.
I like the Dark Angel Green for the castle here and the green roofs better than the red ones on previous post.

I think they suggested Dark Angels Green for the large castle in the previous batch.

I might get around to it.

The rusting wreck is a dwarven one, the sea giant also shows that the technical paint, Waystone Green, which blobs and congeals, could also do with some help and the dragon is one of the dirigibles.

Next up, The Bone Hydra and the Leech Wyrm, the dwarf dirigible and the four other small sailing craft.

Lastly, the three larger and more complex ships; The Heldenhammer, The Swordfish and The Bloody Reaver.

That's the next three weeks taken care of!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Flaming Scimitar colours

I've added a PS to the Flaming Scimitar post as I thought about it afterwards and realised an error in the colours I listed. The base colour on the sail is Vomit Brown but that only shows in he sail recesses. The body of the sail was then painted with a Vomit Brown/Bleached Bone mix with Bleached Bone highlights.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Dreadfleet scenery 2

 Again, just showing a little progress.

Photos taken late in the day with the sun about to set and dust from the Sahara high above.

Thus you might notice a pinkish hue.

He was previously known as Red Hue but his politics have  moved to the right.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Dreadfleet scenery

To show that something is happening, despite birthdays and various invasions by little people, here's a start on the Dreadfleet scenery - one volcanic island.

Photo taken late in the day so not much to see.

I decided against 'dappling' the cliffs with the same colour grey that they were painted in (as suggested by WD).

Instead, I mixed plaster filler with a second coat of grey and when that was dry, gave it another coat to stop the filler rubbing off (perhaps mixing in glue might have helped)

Result is a rough surface that takes to dry brushing well.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Dreadfleet - odds and ends

Work in the shipyards has to stop as Miriam Karlin has blown her whistle again.

The kids are arriving soon so all the paint pots, brushes, glues and kits have to hide like the shoemaker's elves.

Just to show I've made a little progress alongside The Flaming Scimitar, here are some of the  measuring sticks (rather better than the cruddy red junk you get in most of their games!) weather gauges etc.

John's Bag End

John's Bag End which must surely be complete now.

An excellent job John.

All made out of Ticky Tacky!

That down pipe is a lovely touch made from a bendy plastic straw and a small piece of medical kit.

All John's work is made from odds and ends which would be called junk in another's hands.

Is this before the door was painted green or is that yet to come?

Just needs a wood pile in that out shed or perhaps some garden tools.

Terrific work.

Not GW but too good to be hidden away in Magna Carta or where ever it is you live.