Friday, 25 May 2018

Troll's experimental undercoat

In trying to make all my trolls appear as different to each other as possible I have given this chap an unusual spray undercoat of Macragge Blue and Caliban Green.

A two tone troll.

The areas not sprayed are to make sure of good adhesion when his armour goes on.

There are areas underneath arms and chin where spray has missed but I'll simply paint on some darker blue for an undercoat here.

I plan to do some experimental dry-brushing over this undercoat but we'll see what comes of that.
In trying to alter his appearance I've given him a non standard weapon, a hammer sharpened into an axe with a two pointed pick on 'tother end.

The helm he's wearing will be added to using the helm from another troll over the top of his which has been given a jagged top.

It's at his feet on the left.

Another change is to make him a little more upright by standing on a slope and this also increases his height.
The trolls from The Hobbit are sprayed with Mephiston Red.

We'll just have to see what drybrushing can do with that.

On the box they seem to have almost European coloured skin.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Gap of Rohan

I understand that numbers of followers named John have been fretting about this blog and wondering why there was such a gap. Simple. I was in Middle Earth, taking photos.

Before I left these wintry shores in February, I was working on the three trolls from 'The Hobbit'. Unfortunately, a leg went walkabout (or rather, hopabout). So, back to a LOTR Troll. Nearly assembled now that a missing arm has turned up. Hopefully, normal service will resume shortly.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Mounted Gimli and Legolas

So here we are, back in Middle Earth, in the company of Gimli and Legolas and Tom Pearce's Grey Mare. (But that still only counts as one!)

This batch of horse riders are all from Ebay and all sprayed white.

I find it easier to paint on black but followed advice in Masterclass WD280 where they suggest working up from dark grey to white for the horse.

Looking back on it, I'd have done better and quicker with the usual shading on the white.

I soon abandoned the Masterclass with its complex paint combinations.

I've used Catachan Green for the cloaks and Dark Angels Green for Legolas' tunic.

Various browns did most of the rest with Scab Red added to Dark Flesh for the beard and the usual Rohan type base.

The classy stone could be a mileage sign or a boundary marker.

Now noticed I have some weathering to do!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018



The cogs with the dirigible and dragon and Grimnir's Thunder (the smallest of the ships) to provide scale.

Now I can return to Middle Earth and Legolas and Gimli sharing a horse.(riding, not eating)

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Heldenhammer 2

Well, it's taken long enough!

What with Christmas, New Year, invasions from relations, Test Matches and the lure of War in Middle Earth on the computer, I've hardly been able to pick up a Penguin, never mind a paintbrush.

Even now, the gold needs added glitter and the 'Cathedral' some highlighting.

However, I'm now onto the little cogs and, once they are done, a welcome return to Middle Earth.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Dreadfleet Heldenhammer

Just to show that I've not stopped completely, here are a couple of poor shots of the Heldenhammer, approaching completion.

The sails are really tough - beyond my skill

Perhaps I need a bigger magnifier?

However, I have made one discovery which I should have made, years ago.

I now use two pots of water while I'm painting and wash my brushes in the first, wipe off the surplus water, then rinse again to rid the brush of any remaining paint.

It seems to be effective in preventing my brushes from speedily loosing their point and spreading out.

I can see a big advantage in working alongside others as they might have suggested it years ago!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Here's John's mini cliff complete with moss and a little grass.

John tells me that it's an exact copy of Ayer's Rock apart from the height, width, depth, shape, colour and composition though, on this latter point, he cannot be certain without checking that Ayer's Rock isn't entirely made of polystyrene.

Well done John.

I particularly like the cave and wonder who or what dwells there.

I look forward to eventually seeing the full size piece.

Another view with models to provide a hint of the scale.