Saturday, 14 July 2018

John's garden tools

Hasn't John been busy!

While I've been dealing in shades of pink, He's started from scratch to model the contents of his Bag End garden.

Using scraps of lolly sticks, Champers corks and a pile of horse muck left in the road, he's created a lichen covered staddle stone, a post box, a garden roller, a bench for blowing smoke rings from and an old wooden wheel barrow.

(I remember them well. You could put your back out getting those legs off the ground and that was when it was running on empty!)

 I understand John is aiming to vary the contents of the barrow, replacing the muck (or is that leaves, John?) with vegetables from Gaffer Gamgee's garden.

As I type, he is planting seed for miniature lettuce, cabbages and carrots.

Third Hobbit Troll

At last, the third Hobbit Troll has arrived, propped up on a hobby knife to try to get some light on his work apron.

None too successfully.

I'm still undecided if I should simply do their bases or make up a more elaborate tableau.

While I think on, I'll start the bundle of metal Hobbits that arrived last week

Trying to give a bit of variety to the Hobbit Militia kept me awake last night!

Weapon swap or modify the weapons?

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Second Hobbit Troll

The second one.

Obviously one who has the quicker reactions as he's dropped his fork and snatched up a log, his weapon of choice when fighting dwarves.

Monday, 9 July 2018

First Hobbit Troll

 Here's the first of the Hobbit Trolls finished, apart from the base, that is.

I'm wondering about putting them on the provided bases.

Making the bases 'Mirkwoody' (I have the very thing for one of them)

Then create a tableau for them with rocks and bushes, cutting circles for them to be inserted.

We shall see.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hobbit Troll

The three Hobbit trolls are also coming along slowly.

I followed the guide with glazes (50% Lammian Medium, 50% paint)

First with Bugman's Glow, then another glaze with Dark Flesh.

I was unhappy with the extreme contrast which looked less like shading, more like the aftermath of a visit to the laboratory of Doctor Frankenstein.

It certainly didn't match the guide so I dry brushed them with the original skin colour - Cadian Flesh Tone.

I think I could have got to this point with a Bugman's Glow/Cadian Flesh Tone mix for the shading but it's my failure, not the guides I guess.

Back to the allotment!

Experimental troll completely completed!

 This is going on forever.

I was unhappy with the base but don't think the addition of dry grass improves it much.

The position of three of the heads too, is unsatisfactory.

I should, perhaps, have hung three on his cross belt at the back but that only terrifies enemies behind him!

So, troll, I'm glad to see the back of you, different though you are.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Experimental Troll 4

It's that troll again (as the Tommy Handley Show was originally to be called)

Now he's equipped with the shield that went missing.

I have a little more work to do on him as I've found some spare enemy heads to add to those on his belt.

Meanwhile, the Hobbit Trolls are in the pink or in the 'Cadian Fleshtone' to give it its proper name.

Three thin layers as suggested in a tutorial that I'm using.

I was very tempted to use only two thin coats as I liked the resulting blotchy skin look with some of the muted red showing through.

However, all or nothing.

Delays are still caused by the work on the allotment taking precedence.

Gaffer Gamgee would be proud of me.