Friday, 18 August 2017

Dreadfleet - Shadewraith

And now, for something completely different, as many a Python has been heard to say.

I bought the sumptuous looking stand-alone game, Dreadfleet, when it was first released but have been too taken with 40K, Warhammer and, in particular, LOTR, to do more than open the box.

However, as a break from endless Elves, Dwarves and Orcs, I have started three of the ships from the set of ten, the easiest first.

This is The Shadewraith, captained by the mutineer, Vengheist.

When he and this turncoat crew return to the mortal plane, both they and the ship have rotted away.

The ship is held aloft, from the waves, by the spirits of the crew.

(I don't write this stuff, I merely paraphrase!)

A couple of points if you are building one (unlikely as the game is six years old and well out of print)

1. The sails, as shown here, are wrongly placed. They should be angled away from the bow on the right hand side, not the left, as here.

2. It might be easier to glue the deck to one side, then insert the masts with the other hull going on last. It's tricky to locate the masts into the receiving holes, below decks, when you have to peer through the skeleton of the hull.

The last shot shows it on the gorgeous cloth map that they provide

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Haldir with bow

Haldir owes a lot to Will, the excellent fellow in Cheltenham's Games Workshop.

At least I think his name is Will.

It could be Might or Fate.

He suggested using the Gloss version of Reikland Fleshshade, some time ago, as a wash for the chain armour and that seems to have worked out quite well.

For the plate armour, he suggested Waystone Green (technical).

I wonder if Waywatcher Green (Glaze) might have done the job?

I bought the book, 'How to Paint Citadel Miniatures' while I was there last.

I've not bothered before because I had pots of 'old' paint and didn't want to start replacing them to fit in with the book.

It suggested using Bugman's Glow for the base for flesh where I've used Mournfang Brown previously, sometimes mixed with a little flesh paint.

I'm not so sure about Bugman's Glow, particularly for Elves.

Perhaps it's my use of it.

Weathertop Aragorn

Here's Aragorn at Weathertop and the Fellowship Aragorn (now wearing his ring) with Gimli.

I've made that little change to Gimli's Axe too. Thanks John.

I'm still mulling over the bases.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Axemen of Lossarnach

The Axemen of Lossiemouth, sorry, Lossarnach, were easy enough to do.

The delay in getting them to the blog is mainly because the fourth test took up so much of my time.

I've assumed that, as they come from the same general area as the Clansmen, there terrain is similar.
Not, as described on Wikki,

'The climate hovered near the moderate and extreme with mild winters and hot dry summers and the terrain consisted of scattered woodlands and undulating lowlands.'

but heather covered heathland.

The shirt/skirt clothing I've painted in Kabalite Green rather than black.

Reason - I found some in a starter box I had laying around and liked the colour!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Fellowship, Aragorn

 Aragorn, scruffy as usual.

Feeling fair and seeming ...

Poor light for these two shots and I've just noticed that ring that he wears.

I've done a little 'wear and tear' weathering to the boots and cloaks of all of them.

Just the bases to do, once I can decide how to do them.
I've enjoyed painting these characters so next I'll be tackling Haldir with bow, Weathertop Aragorn, three Axemen of Lossarnach and Prince Imrahil, (foot and mounted) as a sort of batch.

The primer applied to the Fellowship eliminated the paint slip problem except for the tip of Gandalf's hat.

I used Humbrol acrylic spray primer.

I'd made sure that there were not too many points on weapons and clothing too.

I now feel happier painting metal models.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Fellowship, Boromir

Boromir with only Aragorn to come and he's nearly finished.

Then I have to decide what to do about the bases.

It's another fine model and I think I have another, in a drawer, somewhere.

I think most of my 'guide' came from a U-tube called CREATIVE, from MJ Shokunin though I tinkered around a bit, especially on the horn.

I've normally arranged/painted bases as a theme showing where these guys come from whereas this Fellowship might be as they start their journey.

I think Boromir does blow the horn when setting out (in the book, not the fillum)
You do notice errors, once they appear on the blog, and I see there is a splash of silver on his cloak.

Also, I'm not sure if his left ear is showing or if that is just a lock of hair.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Fellowship, Gandalf

Gandalf the Grey arrives, precisely when he means to.

That's mostly because he's easy peasy.

As with all the other shots, he seems too weather beaten.

In fact, that's just slightly darkened Elf Flesh.

I must get around to sorting out colour balance on the camera.

Boromir is coming along but we're busy over the next week and then follows a Test Match.

The new chap, Westley. Isn't he that ace swordsman from Princess Bride? If so, that should help, 'the flashing blade' and all that. Sorry. Off subject.

I used a weak wash of Guilliman Blue on the crystal