Monday 15 July 2024


Sorry about the delay.
My room has been inhabited by a host of folk
who claim to be family.
The result is that I've been able to do nothing for yonks
though the building below now has grass.

Of course you'll immediately recognise it,
despite its unfinished condition,
as The Mathom House at Michel Delving.
I've assumed that a small amount of learning goes on here,
so have used our village hall's chimney/bell tower as the template.


Tuesday 28 May 2024


So here are discovered dormers with correct paint colours.
I'd found them and the GW frontage in a box, already painted up.
It was put there due to one of these invasions that I suffer frequently.
I figured the GW dormers would offer variety to the FFO hole
so they all had to be painted in new colours.
Bricks Balor Brown washed with Casandora Yellow, panes Shadow Grey,
frames Xereus Purple, dormer roofs Rhinox Hide
brushed with Evil Sunz Scarlet.

The GW front will be for an 'ordinary' hole,
When I have some other items.

All three and GW chimneys applied.
I left those in red brick
though it might have been better to match the yellow.

This is to be the Mayors house. Room for paperwork.

The homemade dormers nearly ready.
There are four but I can only use three
as FFO have a delay on deliver of the other window.
I've ordered them but they'll be a while.

In situ on the Mathom House.
The fiendish chimney will be the tricky bit.
Watch this space.
(Though not for a bit as we are in the midst of another in invasion)

This post is simply to show that progress is being made,
if exceedingly slowly.

Friday 17 May 2024

FutureForge Online Hobbit Holes 1


As you can see,
the people at FutureForge Online have some excellent products.
The facia above is slowly becoming the Mathom House at Michel Delving.

Here's the same frontage with both ends removed.
A bit daft really as FFO make something similar.
As usual, doing before thinking.

Here's another example of that. 
I've 'plastered' the Mathom House
and then made these dormers too large to simply fit to the outside. 
They'd have to be partially 'buried' through the filler/glue shell. 

Another stab at with a smaller tube.

I tried for completely round dormers.
However, there were then difficulties with the timber beneath the windowsill.

I finally cut off the bottom of these round dormers
and returned to the half round idea.

One more to go.

Wednesday 17 April 2024

New Hobbit Holes 16 (and the last)


The latest Hobbit Hole is be be the home of a washer woman.
For description, think Toad.
I tried making the laundry from Green Stuff.

A grandson was convinced but then, he knew what it was supposed to be.
The wife guessed at 'Someone's dinner?'
The original table for the tub clearly required Mrs Mop to be stood on a box,
hence this design from a wooden fork handle.
The water in the bottom of the tub is PVA glue.

The washing on the line is Green Stuff and some cloth.
Most material frays.

The mangle is the only left handed one in Michel Delving,
probably in Middle Earth.
A little more washing was added to the line.
It's glue soaked kitchen roll painted white.

Because of the small base 
(I was running out of hardboard)
the garden is too small to take the mangle and wash tub in comfort.
Accordingly, she may move to a better class of hole later.

Monday 18 March 2024

New Hobbit Holes 15


A much more reasonable wall. 
It's one thickness of foam board coated with filler/glue.
The gate is hinged on garden wire,
thinner this time.

The wall is now capped with thin card.
I think I'm overdoing the aging wood idea.
A lime green gate to match the door would be better.
The garden is yet to be done.

Wednesday 13 March 2024

New Hobbit Holes 14


So, here's the completed Bee keeper's Hole.
Happy with the skeps, ladder, fence etc
but less so with the rows of Heather.

The next one has a wall in place of a fence.

Rather too big, don't you think.
Hobbits can't even see over it!

Start again!

Monday 4 March 2024

New Hobbit Holes 13

Delays caused by lots of little fiddly bits (chimneys, pottery, bee skeps, a fence and a gate, tables and benches, and a couple of doorsteps which appear in the next post. Much trial and error, mostly error.

Three different tube sizes for dormer windows.
Kitchen foil and grease proof paper ones seem about right.

One of the new holes is to house a seller of honey,
hence the bee skeps. 
They are made from thin silky thread
bound round a Greenstuff former.
Then a coat of Balor Brown washed with Agrax.
The other was to be a potter though not a very good one.
Then I realised he'd need a kiln
so the other hole will belong to someone else.

The bee skeps are now on small balsa benches
and two other benches are ready for the pots.
The fence is balsa though I'd prefer something more substantial.

It took me three goes to come up with a set of steps that I liked.
Coffee stirrers!

Top soil has been delivered.

For both.
The gate is an improvement. 
A substantial post allows for a garden wire 'hinge'.
The chimneys look OK with pots made of ball point pens.
The pots are perhaps a little large though.
I'm also not sure about the rows of clover.

Monday 12 February 2024

New Hobbit Holes 12


This gap was to have had a back door built into it
but the Hobbit Hole was too small to lose all that living space.

I hacked off the end and put in these pieces.

Front and back of the plastered result
with scratch built chimneys and dormers affixed.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

New Hobbit Holes 11


The problem I have with the chimney stacks
is lining up the horizontal rows of bricks.
This one I did by measuring and marking off in pencil before scribing.
Perhaps a lighter brown for the base paint?
I used Rhinox Hide and dry brushed Deathclaw.
I don't know what they are called this week.

After applying a third layer of 'plaster' I scraped round it with the comb.
They should line up.
A touch of sanding, when it's dry, should do it.

These are now wood based.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

New Hobbit Holes 10


The next two Hobbit Hole facias are just about done.
I've tried to disguise them from the earlier originals.
The upper one has all the brickwork exposed,
not covered in planks and the heavy timbers are grey (old, worn),
not brown, as in the very first one.
The lower one has grey timbers as opposed to brown
and the plasterwork is heavily inscribed and dark.
The main remaining task are the 'tiles'.

I've tried all sorts of things to produce a similar dormer
 to the GW one on the right.
Finally I went for coffee stirrers (not overlapping)
and filled the face with heavy card. 
The window will just have to be perched on it
rather than set into it as GW.

So now they are shaping up.
With 3 grey ones I can release two GW dormers.
This means I can put an extra window into two of the earlier Holes.
I've had complaints by residents that the interiors are gloomy.
The extra window will allow much more light inside.
I'll still have to concoct some chimneys

I've also knocked up
(after the usual run of mistakes)
a rear door.
(FutureForgeOnline door on brick-look plastic)

I've set it with the planks running horizontally.
The new windows are a real jump up in size.